Emad is a well-known cartoonist in the Middle East he published many political cartoons in many regional & local Arabic newspapers & websites with a cartooning career that exceeds 25 years so far using his cartoon character Abu Mahjoob Emad adopted values of freedom free speech ,fighting tyranny , spreading democracy portrayed all these themes in his cartoon Emad art flourished during the late Arab spring many of his works become popular among young Arab readers through social media , he won Dubai press Award twice for best Arab cartoons , and considered one of the most 500 influential figures in the Arabic world according to Arabian Business magazine, Dubai.

BA – Graphic Design Institution:
Yarmouk University
Year of Graduation: 1991

Work History
Al Araby Al Jadeed Newspaper -London
Cartoonist – Current
Roya TV – Amman
Cartoonist – Current
Al Ghad Newspaper – Amman
Cartoonist – Current

Participation’s & Awards

European Cartoons Award 2002

Al Hussein Journalists Award 2001

Main participant in
Mecnase Animation Festival morocco

Creator of the well-known cartoon character Abu Mahjoob 1990

Jury member for a Amman great municipality committee show contest 2004

Syndicate Cartoonist for Cagle cartoons

Winner of the best animated movie, Cairo TV, awards Abu Majhoob series for Jordanian space channel 2005

Cartoon Gallery for Jordanian Committee in Dubai 2004

Member of Jordanian Press Association, JPA 1998

Abu Mahjoob cartoon gallery , City Hall Amman 1999

Jordan Cartoonist Festival – Main Participants 2011

Main participant in cartoon, global forum, France since 2020

Cartoon Gallery in davosworkd economic forum , dead sea , meeting Jordan 2004

Montpellier Festival Award 2013

Jordan Web Awards 2001

Political cartoonist for Emirates Today News United Arab Emirates 2010

Founder of the first dedicated political cartoon website in the MENA 1997

Main participant and instructor in the school of cartoons Ecole Caricature , Tunis a 2017

Published non-regularly in many International Newspapers New York Times Washington Post, Le Monde , Newsweek , LA times, and many others

Jury member in Mahmoud Kaheel Award cartoon award since 2015

Jordanian Cartoonist festival – Main Participant Irbid City 2010

Member Ahl Al Hema initiative incorporation with Queen Rania Award Abdullah office 2008

American university cartoon gallery Beirut 2003

Morrocan cartoon festival Main participant certificate of appreciation 2019

19 Lecturer Jordan University , cartooning course 2008

Lecture frequency, lecturer in many Jordanian and regional university such as Jordan University for science and technology Yarmouk university, Jordan University Jordan University

Dubai Journalism Award 2006

Jury member for Raed Al Araby
high school drawing cartoon contest

EYA Entrepreneur
of the Yea

The first cartoonist to portray the king with a cartoon featured in leading newspapers 2000

Main participant in Mecnese Animation Festival with a short animated movie named Himarguar 2002

Jury member – Bin Rushd cartoon award 2021

Cartoon gallery, City Hall Ammon, 2008

Member in Mogawra initiative, Egypt, , sponsored by Arab Educational forum 2003

Member of advisory committee in Mahmoud Kaheel Award cartoon award since 2019

Lighting lamps cartoon Gallery, London, 2008 (Sponsored by the Guardian)

Editor of weekly cartoon page for Alaraby Jadeed newspaper since 2012

Participant in Saint Just Salome France for many years since 2015